Here at Gain Supplements we pride ourselves in offering the best sports supplementation and expert nutritional advice.

Aimed at fueling the ambition of any fitness enthusiast, our ambition is to help any individual that has a goal to be better, faster, stronger, bigger or smaller. If you're brand new to fitness, then don't worry, we're here for you too.




The journey of Gain Supplements, started in 2017 by fitness enthusiast Richard Fisher, with the promise to develop and deliver only the most advanced fitness supplements to those of any discipline, in any sport, with any goal. Richard realises, we are busy people, so having a product to hand which is high in quality, low in cost, and convenient is what we all long for, right? Don’t pay for the brand, pay for the product

With the importance of preserving an active lifestyle becoming more and more aware of individuals, it’s essential that you’re training and fueling the right way. PT’s, fitness enthusiasts, sportsman, cross-fitters, bodybuilders, all gym-goers have one thing in common, they want to improve; they want to GAIN.

Here at Gain, we sell the basics! Products that work, products you actually need in your diet to gain muscle, results, strength & confidence in yourself, all at a very affordable price. No BS, just good quality ingredients, which won't break the bank.

Richard Fisher, Founder

Rich got into the fitness industry back in 2009 while spending a year in Australia. When he returned to the UK he studied for his Level 2 & 3 and started work in a local gym. He spent most of his day's training, reading, and learning as much as possible to be able to understand the vastness and complexity of the industry.


Rich then got into gym management in London.

After 3 years of managing gyms in London, Rich decided to move back to Norwich to open his own club as a GM.

It was two years of managing in Norwich when he decided to jet off again; this time to North America. It’s there where he started up Gain Supplements.

"Supplements and training programs are expensive, not everyone can afford them! Most people want results, so why can’t most people get results. Well now, they can! With Gain Supplements, you’ll not only gain physically, but you’ll gain knowledge, fitness, confidence, health, and progress! I’m not here telling you to buy our product, like the majority of companies, I’m simply making it accessible to you. Just don’t fall for the BS you see on the internet with most of the supplement companies, it’s mostly rubbish. With us, you get good honest products that WILL help you on your fitness journey, whether you’re a beginner or advanced! All you have to do, is ask us!"


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